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A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence

Thư tín thương mại
A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence
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Author: A Ashley | Publisher: Oxford University Press | ISBN: 0194572064 | 1998 Year | pdf, 297 pages | language: english | 18,2 MB
The essential reference guide to writing effective business correspondence – now revised and updated. All the information and examples you need for writing business correspondence for study purposes or for work. A practical approach that’s ideal for class, the office, or at home. email correspondence, glossary of business terms, answers to exercises, and improved design.
English level:
Intermediate to Advanced

How can it be used?

* Use it in class, at the office, or at home.
* Always keep it with you as your essential reference guide.

Who is it for?

* Anyone dealing with commercial correspondence from clerical to management level.
* Students taking Business English examinations, such as the LCCI English for Commerce and English for Business, the Cambridge BEC and CEIBT, and Pitman's English for Business Communications.
* Business studies teachers.

Key features

* Shows you how to handle enquiries, banking, insurance, personnel, and social correspondence.
* Improves your written style by explaining the language of business correspondence.
* Saves you time – find what you need to know immediately.


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